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Cheats: Press the key J reset timer, K toggle endless health, L toggle specials cool-down.

Cheats for Jack Smith

Press the key J reset timer, K toggle endless health, L toggle specials cool-down.


Jack is the perfect blacksmith's simulator in a fantasy world where pig warriors use the right sword to cleanse the kingdom of wickedness, parasites and other richly bred harmful humanoids.

The protagonist of the game, the Blacksmith's Donkey must rescue the princess who was kidnapped by an evil wizard. But here's a problem, he can not fight. It is not a problem, it will make for him a real pig warriors, our task is only to provide them with high-quality weapons, not breaking from the first blow to the enemy's armor. The gameplay of Jack Smith is simple and simple, but has some appeal: in the forge we choose the material, weapons, reach the desired temperature level, sharpen the gun with a hammer and carefully collect the parts. It is ready, now it is necessary to arm them for a long time already waiting for the order of soldiers. Depending on the success of the minigame in the manufacture of the sword displayed three main parameters of the weapon, which ultimately depends on how far your armed team can go for each game day. All encountered and destroyed monsters are added to the bestiary, weapon parts and remains are selected right during the battle, and are used to forge again.

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