Renegade Racing Cheats

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Driving Action
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Time Blast
Awesome Run 2
Neon Race 2
Turtle Trigger
Age of War
Stick Squad
FoxyLand 2
Flagstaff: Chapter 1
Gods of Arena
Armored Warfare 1917
Cheats: Press the key G toggle endless turbo.

Cheats for Renegade Racing

Press the key G toggle endless turbo.


At Renegade Racing, you'll race to the finish line ahead of your rivals in crazy cars and perform jumps and tricks. Do the rolls and lifts on the wheel to charge your turbocharger and leave your rivals behind! Perform tasks and look into the garage to get new cars. Upgrade the cars according to your preferences - it will give you an advantage. What kind of car will you choose - an ice cream truck? A police car? What about a London bus?

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