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Cheats: Press the key J toggle 9999 health, L add 999 cash.

Cheats for Tequila Zombies 3

Press the key J toggle 9999 health, L add 999 cash.


One day, near the Mexican border, a single biker named Miguel was attacked by a pack of zombies. They threw him off a motorcycle and attacked him when suddenly there was a gunshot nearby, someone killed them. When Miguel woke up, he saw a girl, her name was Jacqueline. Together they began to fight against zombies, went through a lot of dangers and defeated dozens of hundreds of dead. In the game "Tequila Zombie 3" to the two brave heroes joins another brutal man named Jeff. His friends were eaten by zombies and his fate awaited the same, if our heroes did not come in time and did not save him, directing his helicopter directly to the squad of zombies. Now, there were three heroes and they decided to move forward together. Jeff told his friends about the secret place where the treasure is and they're going looking for it. All three heroes are very fond of drinking tequila, it gives them an extraordinary charge of energy and even some unusual abilities. Miguel undermines all the enemies around him. Jacqueline, having drunk enough tequila, can set the eyes of zombies on fire or freeze them. And Jeff turns into a werewolf for a while and quickly tears all enemies apart. They have an excellent team, but will they have the strength and courage to deal with all the zombies and finish their journey?

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