Pixel Games With Cheats

Complete list of free pixel games with cheats organized by publishing date in descending order.

  • Xibalba
    (4.00) Cheats: Endless ammo, health.
  • Three Goblets
    Three Goblets
    (4.14) Cheats: Press the keys G add items, SHIFT fast-forward the battle.
  • Bad Ice-Cream 2
    Bad Ice-Cream 2
    (3.96) Cheats: Press the key J toggle 9999 health.
  • Nitrome Must Die!
    Nitrome Must Die!
    (4.03) Cheats: Press the keys 1 toggle endless health, 2 toggle endless ammo.
  • Bad Boys 2
    Bad Boys 2
    (4.12) Cheats: Press the keys J on/off limitless health, K on/off limitless ammo and unlock all
  • Bad Boys
    Bad Boys best
    (3.97) Cheats: Press the key J toggle health, K toggle ammo and unlock all weapons.
  • Bad Ice-Cream
    Bad Ice-Cream
    (4.08) Cheats: Press the key J toggle endless health.
  • Must-a-Mine
    (3.96) Cheats: Purchases add coins.
  • Minecraft 2D - Mine Blocks
    Minecraft 2D - Mine Blocks
    (4.11) Cheats: Press the key 0 (zero) toggle endless health.
  • Mega Miner
    Mega Miner
    (4.01) Cheats: Endless health and fuel.
  • Dig to China
    Dig to China
    (3.78) Cheats: Purchases are free!
  • The Wizard
    The Wizard
    (4.04) Cheats: Endless health.
  • Superfighters Deluxe
    Superfighters Deluxe
    (4.37) Cheats: Press the key 9 toggle infinite health, 0 (zero) toggle infinite ammo.
  • Mine Blocks
    Mine Blocks best
    (4.08) Cheats: Press the keys 0 (zero) toggle infinite health.
  • Sword and Spoon
    Sword and Spoon
    (4.13) Cheats: Press the key G add 9999 coins.