Decision 3 Cheats

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Action Shooting
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Super Rally 3D
Zombie Fight Club
Hero Simulator
Bad Ice-Cream 2
FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 - The Light Temple
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Uber Commando
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Cheats: Press the key J toggle 999 health, K toggle 999 ammo.

Cheats for Decision 3

Press the key J toggle 999 health, K toggle 999 ammo.


The bloody sunset fell on the city in a thick veil, no zgi on the street. This is because the village was enslaved by bloodthirsty zombies who had risen from their graves and spread the virus all around. In order to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the entire planet and killing humanity, there must be a hero who can cope with the zombie virus. Defend the planet and eliminate all monsters that are just in your way. Begin the elimination with a reservation camp, which zombies have chosen as their military base.

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